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Build your home with iModuleTM Precast intelligent concrete boxes: Automated, Intelligent, Environment friendly and sustainable home of future.

Can you imagine having no bills to pay? Theoretically* you may go off the grid and Live in the middle of nowhere. You just need a 4WD. Drop your house where you like.


Water recycling, Solar energy and Power wall battery;
Large precast modules with double walls from reinforced concrete;
Intelligent wiring, wireless and home automation;
Air-condition, hot water system, central processing unit and kitchen appliances all already included in iModuleTM when it arrives on site;
Quick and cheap to install on site;
Cyclone proof, Tsunami proof, Earthquake proof; They can be made explosion proof if required.
For a complete Specification document see www.persepolis.com.au/specifications.pdf .


3D view


Concrete Walls

Installed Modules


About iModule

Latest intelligent wiring and wireless as well as home automation technologies are integrated into this reinforced concrete box design:
1-Water recycling, Solar energy and Power wall battery are only part of the technologies that make this revolutionary design different. Theoretically it can be installed completely off the grid and built anywhere;
2-Large precast modules with double walls from reinforced concrete and insulation in the cavity;
3-Incorporating all state of the art technology and modern appliances in iModule TM for even more savings in water and energy including air-condition, hot water system, central processing unit and kitchen appliances (see a standard specification here);
4-Start construction even when your land is not ready yet*;
5-Being Cyclone proof and Tsunami proof due to weight and strength;
6-Minimizing site construction cost and time and perfect for narrow lands or other sites with limited access or time constraints;
7-Modules are connected not only with structural connections but also with Easy Mechanical, Electrical and electronic connections that can be done on site without need for skilled labour. In fact all the electrical and digital wiring as well as piping for water and sewer are already built into iModule TM. Each building comes with a tablet with all very easy to use applications required to remotely control your home;
8-Cost effective due to deletion of expensive onsite costs;

* For a discounted fee we undertake the architectural design of your building or make your current design suitable to our iModule TM system and give you some preliminary quote. Then you can decide if you want to go ahead.


Please send a short message with your email address and phone number and we will contact you. Thank you for visiting our site.
Note: Below form currently does not work. Please send an email to cyrus@persepolis.com.au